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Creating Cohousing: Building Sustainable Communities

The new cohousing “bible” with many new North American case studies, design principles and sustainable design practices. Why live in cohousing? How to build cohousing? This book provides the answers.

With over 120 cohousing communities now in existence in North America, Katie McCamant and Chuck Durrett bring us a totally updated “must-have” book for cohousers, and anyone interested in creating more people-friendly neighborhoods.

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book-newSenior Cohousing: A Community Approach to Independent Living. – The Handbook, second edition

In this highly-illustrated, 2nd edition Charles Durrett outlines a new approach to housing for active and thoughtful seniors with a focus on the communities built in North America. This book is for professionals and future residents interested in knowing why and how to create a senior cohousing community.

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Happily Ever Aftering in Cohousing: A Handbook for Community Living

An excellent resource to share with others what high-functioning cohousing is about.  Learn the tools and patterns that have proven successful for living in cohousing. For over four decades in the US and Europe, communities have achieved and maintained their goal of socially engaged and vibrant cohousing. This guide makes a great gift for friends and family as well as new members of cohousing communities and people who live in communities that aren’t functioning at their full potential.

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Finding-a-Site-CoverFinding A Site

How to find assess, secure and purchase a great site for cohousing.

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2 Growing Community BG EDIT BOOK PATCH JUN14 1Growing Community: How to Find New Cohousing Members

It contains best practices that have been used in successful cohousing groups for marketing a cohousing community at any stage.

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france-book-coverRevitalizing Our Small Towns

This book is about how fledging small towns in Southern France cooperate to revitalize themselves, and how cohousing is being employed to help small towns in Europe and the U. S.

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Architecture for an Ageing Population


A comprehensive review of architectural trends for aged-care communities performed by the International Association of Homes and Services for the Ageing, featuring six of the most recent senior cohousing communities designed by MDA.  Illustrated in full color and comprehensively documented from cover to cover, this publication reflects the success of MDA’s senior cohousing communities as the alternative to the default solution for senior housing and ageing in place.

Architecture for an Ageing Population will appeal to aged-care providers, developers, users, and advocates, as well as architects, interior designers, landscapers and other design professionals.

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crating coho euroCohousing: A Contemporary Approach to Housing Ourselves (The Euro Cohousing Story)

With this book Charles Durrett and Kathryn McCamant introduce cohousing with stories and pictures of Danish communities. Beautiful photographs and line drawings illustrate the warmly written account of how these communities came to be. Specific information on legal and financial aspects of working with developers, group process, and design issues make this book informative as well as inspiring.

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