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Cohousing Interview on KVMR

KVMR interviews Architect Charles Durrett and future cohousing resident Franceska Alexander about the new forming group in Nevada City, CA. Listen here:

A Full Service Architectural Firm

The Cohousing Company is a full-service architectural firm founded by Kathryn McCamant and Charles Durrett, the award-winning California architects credited with bringing the cohousing concept to the U.S. and the architects of the first cohousing community built in the United States: Muir Commons (Davis, CA).

Muir Commons

McCamant & Durrett Architects can save your cohousing group endless hassles, and wasted development money. Trust the leading experts who “wrote the book” on cohousing. Check out the list of cohousing communities we’ve worked with.

Architectural Services & Resources

McCamant & Durrett Architects offers workshops for cohousing groups to help determine the feasibility of a site, establish design priorities, build group consensus, determine what the community needs in a common house, and overall plan for project success. cohousing workshops

Workshop Presentations

The Definitive Senior Cohousing Presentation
Great for getting a group started near you. This slide show is a wonderful introduction to show healthy, educated, and proactive adults who want to live in a social and environmentally vibrant community just how to go about joining or creating a cohousing project. more info

Aging Successfully — Senior Cohousing Study Group 1 Guide
Geared directly to professionals and others interested in facilitating workshops with seniors to help them discover the realities and possibilities of aging in place. more info

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