Hi, my name is Franceska Alexander and I run an art gallery in our little town of Nevada City, California, population 3,000.


When I heard that there is a new senior cohousing project proposed for our town, I curiously went to all of our local bookstores within a ten mile radius, (Grass Valley, 9,000 people) looking to purchase a copy of the definitive books on the topic, Senior Cohousing, a Community Approach to Independent Living and Creating Cohousing.  To my dismay, not one of the five hometown bookstores had either title.  It was then; I decided to carry these two books in my art gallery.   The local cohousing enthusiasts have been sending people to my store to purchase the book.  Since, then, there has been a consistent conversation and at least 30 copies of the Senior Cohousing Handbook and Creating Cohousing have sold this past year.  Of course, as a direct result from selling the two cohousing books in the gallery, fun conversations about real possibilities in sustainable and happy living ensue increasing serious interest in a new local cohousing.  It also, unfortunately, proves that bookstores aren’t always the best or only place to get new ideas out into the world.  Sometimes it’s just a case of thinking outside the box, finding a local citizen who finds or has a business and is willing to make a difference.  Cohousing books are affordable, informational and the go-to reference for years to come!


In Nevada City, the cohousing will be a senior-friendly community for forward thinkers who wish to have a happy and fun “seniordom” and for folks looking for a way to be in control of their own waning years.  After talking to the good people that have purchased the book in my store (and who have purchased other things as well, such as photographs, cards, handbags and jewelry) I’ve seriously considering cohousing for myself.  It turns out I’m also motivated to live vibrantly in cohousing through my elder years as well. 


Please consider carrying the book in your store in order to help out the new local cohousing efforts.  I think that the new community for local seniors will happen now because of the cooperation of local merchants like myself.




Franceska Alexander

Nevada City, CA  95959