Village Hearth Cohousing Ground Breaking

On Monday, October 29, 2018, Village Hearth Cohousing made monumental progress for the future of older adults in the LGBT community. They broke ground on their cohousing project, which means more than simply building a house. When built Village Hearth Cohousing will signify the success of a group of people who, together, designed the neighborhood of their dreams, one that is supportive and fun, where they know and trust each other. A community where they can be themselves.

Image courtesy of Village Hearth Cohousing

Image courtesy of Village Hearth Cohousing

In celebration of the event, Charles Durrett, Principal Architect of McCamant & Durrett Architects had some words to say. McCamant & Durrett Architects was the architecture firm hired by Village Hearth Cohousing.

“On this occasion, one can be encouraged by the trajectory cast. That is especially true when those that you have learned to appreciate and to work with have set their sights on goals and are steadily making deliberate progress in that direction. In the case of Village Hearth, it seems that the only way that one can possibly predict the future is to in fact create it.  

“Village Heath is well on its way. As the architect whose job it was to synthesize the needs, wants and desires of this group of discerning and capable co-creators, I’m happy to see each step move forward on the path to fruition.  And I’m proud to be a part of it.” - Charles Durrett.